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How does she do it? Every week, Chani cooks a delicious four-course meal of traditional classics and updated favorites. Weekly home- baked challah, dips, salads, matzo ball soup, kugels, and desserts.

Every Thursday night, students join Chani to help prepare the Shabbat meal. Students enjoy seeing behind the scene and learning Chani's cooking tricks! "Its like magic" Chani says, "the food is always done on time and there is always enough!

Cooking with Chani

About Chani

LAte-Night Challah Delivery

That's right, UVM Chabad deliveries warm fresh delicious challah rolls right to your dorm room! 

This special event only happens a few times per semester and you won't want to miss it! In the past, Chani has made 300 challah rolls which sold out in less than an hour. She makes plain, vegan, and chocolate chip rolls so there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Students volunteer to help drive and deliver the challahs to the dorms and it's such a blast. All the proceeds go to support UVM Chabad.   

Late-Night Challah Delivery

Chani showing off 300 Challah rolls ready for delivery!


The team getting ready to make deliveries

Learn To Braid Challah

Have you always wanted to learn how to do a 6-braid on Challah? Chani is here to teach you!

UVM Chabad holds challah-making workshops a few times each semester and you won't want to miss it!

Make your mom proud by showing off your challah-making skills!

LEarn to Braid Challah

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